Sep 04 2016

Remember your college days? That one professor that you absolutely adored? That class you tried to skip as many times as possible without your grades slipping? Well, many students today are going through those experiences. It is important to ensure that the environment around them is safe and secure from the many dangers our society is facing. By hiring private security for various campus events, housing, and other areas, the students of today will be able to look back on their memories of college in a positive light tomorrow. Here are just some of the areas around campus that could benefit from private security measures.

1) Student Housing

Most students spend their time outside of their dorm rooms or on campus apartments due to the many roommates and close quarters, but this is also an area where they are most vulnerable. They are not thinking of being aware of dangerous activities or suspicious people. This is where security is able to be on the lookout for any activities by strangers as well as other students that could result in dangerous or harmful consequences. This is inclusive of sorority, fraternity, athletic, and academic scholarship student housing.


2) Student Activities Center

Many colleges and universities use their student activities centers, also known as “the quad” or “student union buildings”, for on-campus events like club meetings and recruitment, athletic pep rallies, academic debates and study groups, and many more student activities. This area is teeming with wide eyed young people who just want to connect and make friends with heir fellow student body. Because this area of campus tends to be open to the public (meaning they are able to just walk into most campuses without having to show ID or meet with anyone else for access), private security can stay close to the students and survey the entrances and exits within the area to keep the students focused on campus activity instead of fearing suspicious activity.


3) Athletic Center

Not every college has a major athletic center on its campus, but an athletic center, or gym, is an essential part of many of the student’s positive college experience. Not only does fitness and health happen in there, but there are also other opportunities, like work study and volunteer work for any sports games, that can bring about success for any student during their time on campus. Because anything to do with sports can get intense, it can make a significant difference for the players of a team and the student body to see private and trained security handle the areas of safety they aren’t fully aware or prepared to take into their own hands.


4) College Sporting Arenas/Stadiums

If you’ve ever been to a college game or any university sporting events, you know just how crazy it can be from the beginning. Energies are high and there are almost too many people hyped up for their team to win. It can be an enjoyable experience, but to make sure it is safe and as least stressful as possible, security at the entrance and exits should be mandatory. This is one of the few times people from outside campus are regularly on site and not immediately recognized by the other students. Private security is able to perform simple bag checks and oversee concession activity as well as metal detector checks and prevent any substances or other materials from coming into the stadium. College sports should be an enjoyable activity for students and the community. Make sure it is by hiring the right private security for your campus.


5) Extracurricular Activities

Colleges today have more activities on campus than ever before, so much so that it has become its own world, with some universities having their own zip codes. Places like movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades and laser tags, clubs and lounges, and much more are regular activities for students to enjoy without having to go off campus. This means more opportunity for potential issues in supposedly safe environments and less than secure areas all around campus. Private security firms can be on site and perform tasks to ensure only students and approved guests are able to enjoy the activities they are paying tuition for and prevent trouble from following them around.

So, those are the main areas that any college campus should have secured with trained security professionals. The needs of the students, faculty, and their community should be a priority during this time of growth, learning, and fun. Nowadays, we must be proactive in safety rather than merely reactive after the fact. Contact your local security firms and see which one can make your students’ college experiences the best memories of this time in their lives.


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