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When guests and clients visit your company lobby, you want them to know you are a professional facility that they can trust you to keep official and secured. PSI Security Service can provide the resources and specific service you need to ensure your company and guests have that. Our experienced security officers are highly trained to be aware of their surroundings and to react fast and professionally in any event that requires action. PSI Security Service offers trained and experienced concierge and lobby security guards to small and large businesses in the greater Atlanta and surrounding areas.

The front desk and lobby area where your guests and clientele make their first impressions about your company. Why not make the right choices from the beginning? Choosing PSI Security Service to service your lobby and concierge areas allows you to rest assured that your security services are being taken care of without worry. Our guards are trained in every possibility within the front desk and reception lobby area, which includes visitor check-in/sign-in, escorting, activity reporting, access control, monitoring and responding to various alarm sequences, and servicing the concierge area.

The benefits of this kind of expert monitoring including: reduced risk of liabilities, decreased instances for vandalism, urgent responses to emergency situations and alarms, reduced opportunities for theft and other crimes, and a palpable increase in building and company safety. PSI Security Service also provide warm and friendly greetings to visitors, clients, and employees while overseeing the sign-in and sign-outs and signing for any packages expected to be delivered.



Why Choose PSI Security Service for your Concierge and Lobby Security Needs?

We understand that different companies have varying protocols for security and safety purposes, which is why PSI Security Service can be accustomed to your specific company guidelines and current safety protocols. We can also provide invaluable insight to assist you in further securing your business through further advancing and securing future security protocols.

When you choose PSI, you are choosing an expertly trained and highly experienced security team of officers who are willing to help you build your residential and business security while keeping your employees and clientele safe and secure. Our security guards are certified in precise, scrupulous, and continued training and required to pass drug tests and background screenings. You will be able to hire long term officers or as your business requires them.

We provide 24/7 dispatch services and are available to call at any time, day or night.

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