Apr 20 2015

Wherever individuals gather, there is a possibility for criminal offense. This is especially real in retail places. Shopping centers and shopping locations attract great deals of people. Most people go shopping and enjoy themselves, while some are there to take advantage of the crowds and go undetected as they take part in shoplifting.

In 2013, the United State experienced $42 billion in losses. These stock losses were due to shoplifting, worker or supplier scams, as well as administrative errors. These losses were passed on to customers, costing American homes approximately $400 in increased rates.

Unfortunately, several shoplifters are not noticed by shop staff, in the other hand, staff members are fearful of making wrongful accusations and avoid an awkward situation that might turn violent.

While shoplifting was a significant reason for loses in the United State, accounting for 37.4 % of all cases, it was not the leading cause. In 2013, staff member theft led to 42.9 % of all shrink cases, making this a more complicated difficulty for retailers. Other store staff members may not understand their colleagues involvement in theft, or they may just not wish to get involved in reporting them. Hence, these criminal offenses typically go unreported.

While many retailers use some type of product detector that triggers an alert when product crosses the store’s limit, blindly relying on innovation will not fix this issue.

Instead, the very best solution for reducing the number of losses, is onsite security guards from PSI Security Guard. Our professional guards are trained to find suspicious activities that might lead to shoplifting. They are able to step in and stop or capture shoplifters, where store employees might be afraid of doing this.

PSI Security Guards are professionally trained and experts in security. They are not staff members of that merchant. Thus, they will not have any social stress and anxiety when it comes to searching for and reporting worker theft.

Learn more about how PSI Security Guard services can minimize loss at your retail location by calling (770) 850-1111.


Article source: Securityinfowatch.com

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