Private Security Consultation Services in Atlanta GA

Before hiring a security service to protect yourself, your property, or your business, we at PSI Security Service believe you should be armed with the most accurate information. Through a private security consultation, we can offer you the most appropriate options to fit your unique needs.


Why Have a Security Consultation With PSI Security Service?

Many times, individuals or business owners wait until after an unfortunate event has occurred to invest in their security. However, being proactive against security threats is vital, and can prevent significant financial, physical, or informational losses. With a private security consultation from PSI Security Service in Atlanta, you’ll get decades of experience from a local security guard company that knows how to best protect your property, business, and employees.

For new companies and customers, PSI Security Service can create and hand-tailor a security program that will most effectively protect you and your business. With over 27 years of experience in Atlanta security services, PSI is a local security guard company that can offer you the most up-to-date and accurate information to keep you safe. Whatever your business, we can protect it.

Companies that already have a security program in place will also benefit from a private security consultation, as we can review your program and pinpoint areas of weakness or vulnerability. After the review, we can provide solutions to strengthen and fortify your safety and security.


How A Consultation Can Protect Your Business

Security consulting involves a risk assessment to identify areas within your business, building, or life that need the most protection. PSI Security Service will look into all areas of your security program, including:

• General Security and Risk Analysis
• Building Security
• Theft Detection
• Employee Protection
• Asset and Financial Security
• Alarm and Surveillance Systems Integrity
• Security Staff and Guard Posting
• Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
• Emergency and Crisis Plans

We can then provide objective, accurate, and local feedback. With your budget in mind, we will implement changes and/or new security services to help you achieve your safety and security goals.


Additional Security Services We Offer

In addition to expert consultation, PSI Security Service in Atlanta offers:

Uniformed Officers
• Concierge and Lobby Security Service
Construction Security
Temporary Security
Security Patrol Vehicles
• Executive Protection
• Workplace Violence Response Planning
Security Bike Patrol
• Security Segway Patrols
• Security Golf Cart Patrols

After a consultation, we can help you choose the services that will be the most effective in protecting you, your business and employees, and your property.

Our guards can also be extremely beneficial during busy holiday seasons or at special events, when theft and crime can be at an all-time high.

A private security consultation with PSI Security Service can assess your personal or business security needs, before problems arise. Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a program in place!


Call PSI Security Service to schedule your private security consultation today at (770) 850-1111 or click here to get a quote!