Jun 03 2016

When you think of innovative technology, you tend to lean towards virtual software protecting your confidential business computer files or new more efficient ways of working with current technological trends. Your business is important to you and because of that, you need to ensure everything you work for has the best options available to keep it safe and secured. Nowadays, everything is looking towards the future and private security services are no different. Here you can take a sneak peek into some innovative technologies that are being utilized in the private security service business.

Mobile Device Utilization

Productivity can happen at anytime and anywhere now that we have mobile communication technologies. With devices and protocols that can be put in place to increase information flow and decrease potential issues. Nowadays, private security uses more than just a simple walkie-talkie (though these are always good to have on hand during times of weather emergencies and such) and have many mobile devices on the market that continue to create opportunities to communicate and serve your business in different and most effective ways. One example is the mobile surveillance units that are video enhanced security units that compliment physical security officers alongside economical solar powered panel energy and mobile surveillance cameras. These are a visual deter for outside criminal activity and increase the scope of vision for your private security guards in-house.

Online Communications

If you’ve ever managed or supervised other employees in your company, you know how many reports, files, checklists, and other paperwork goes into ensuring each paper goes to its correct destination. Luckily, as technology grows, the ease of transferring and submitting minute tasks like your paperwork becomes regular practice. Private security services are able to send you daily reports, incident statements, and any other preventative or corrective actions via a secure online client portal. It gives you the flexibility to look back to a specific date and time, if needed, whenever your business needs reassurance of a particular action or report. By utilizing electronic systems, private security can save time and money while supporting your business needs with all the information you could need now and in the future with a secured network and server.

3D Printing

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of 3D printing and the amazing things that have come in the medical and artistic fields because of it. It may come as a bit of a surprise to know that 3D printing has spanned over different fields of work, including private security firms in need of alternate ways of creating the necessary gear or items for proper and professional security within ever shifting law protocols. With 3D printing, you are able to utilize different materials such as steel, copper, plastics, paper, and more, to create, adjust or fix current tools and objects in place of buying a brand new one each time. Companies can use this technology to increase the lifespan of a product and take it from idea to conception to product in-house. For private security firms, 3D printing comes with procedures and ongoing training courses to ensure it is within the guidelines of the government to create certain items, such as all plastic firearms which is a current hot topic in reinforcing safety protocols within local and global businesses.

To reiterate, these are just some of the innovations and technologies that private security services can offer you and your business. It is always recommended that you contact your local private security firm to learn what they offer and which security package could benefit your business in the long run. New things are made and utilized every day, so let your company be at the forefront of new and innovative technologies for the better.


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