PSI Security Guard in Atlanta GA

PSI Security Guard &  Security Patrol Service provides retail security personnel for a large range of retail outlets including Shops, Malls, Jewelry stores and Supermarkets in Georgia.

At PSI, we understand the many functions of the security officer in a retail environment. Retail shopping malls demand that security officers have a large range of skills. As a result, we make use of a detailed training programs particularly tailored to this vertical market so that our guards are always well prepared to react to and aid in any sort of circumstance; from handling and looking after lost youngsters to reacting to and successfully attending to medical emergency situations and law enforcement incidents.

The functions of retail security include:

•  Observe everyone and everything within the retail premises
•  Prevent theft and loss
•  Discourage shop lifters
•  Act as the 1st responder in medical situations

Our uniformed security personnel provide an expert high profile existence in the retail environment. This provides both a physical deterrent with a higher level of security and personnel safety for both retail store staff members and customers alike. Our retail store guards help to optimize the loss prevention function at any store.

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