Oct 29 2016

Whether you’re staying home during the busy holiday season or traveling to visit family and friends, it is important to stay alert and take precautions to keep you and your family safe. PSI Security Guard and Security Patrol Services takes your safety seriously and wants to help you put the right actions in place to prevent any home or business security issues. Here are a few areas to be aware of while taking be necessary precautions to stay safe this holiday season.

In your home:

1) Humility is your friend!

Though it can be tempting to post on social media about what you’re getting for Christmas or talk about that big holiday bonus you received and plan to use to refurbish your home or office space, it is crucial to keep talk of expensive gifts and benefits to a minimum in order to prevent thefts and burglaries

2) Take advantage of your resources!

Did you know that your security firms and law enforcement agencies have home and welfare checks to make sure your home is secured while you’re away? It is highly beneficial to talk to your local security services about your local safety protocols and resources to best benefit you and your family.

3) Strategize your holiday

Though it may seem like a small preventative measure, being strategic about your holiday décor and gift display could be the simplest way to deter unwanted attention and criminal activity around your home. Ensuring your windows are adequately covered when you’re away and keeping your more expensive and outlandish décor and gifts from easily prying eyesight can help keep your home safe.

In your office:

1) Lock up!

Your business office is a private and information sensitive place, so keeping that information and any other items that could potentially catch a thief’s attention locked up in a secure drawer or file room is essential to securing your area and your clients.

2) Clear your cache

Nowadays, your company information is held on a computer that holds valuable Intel for you and your customers. By clearing the cache and cookies on your computer, you can prevent others from easily finding passwords, online files and accounts, and client profiles. It is highly important to keep your firewalls and online security information up to date.

3) Hire the best private security

During the holidays, security firms are used to keeping unwanted and unauthorized people out of your business’ facility. Utilize their training and skill set to be proactive for your business and your clients.

For everyday precaution:

1) Be aware of your surroundings

Most crimes during the holiday season happens when you aren’t paying attention. To deter these unexpected instances, be proactive while walking to your car, shopping for gifts or everyday items, and while gassing up your car. Keep your eyes open and make sure your family does the same.

2) If you see something, do something!

There may be times during the holidays where you see suspicious or blatantly dangerous activity around your area. Keep your emergency and law enforcement contacts close and reach out to neighbors to help keep your community strong and safe.

3) Stay smart with holiday spirit

Sometimes your holiday spirit and goodwill towards men and women can inadvertently get you into trouble. Whether it be those who hand out fliers in the parking lot or want to ask for directions, make sure you are in a safe place and with someone you trust before going anywhere outside or away from people. Trust your gut instincts to best inform your decisions to help others and to help those truly in need and not those who just want to take advantage.

When it comes to security, keeping up with all the ways to prevent criminal activity can be exhausting! PSI Security Guards and Security Patrol are here to assist in reinforcing your safety measures during the holiday season and many more seasons to come. Take advantage of our holiday cheer and contact us today!

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