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PSI Security Service is an Atlanta based, full service contract security guard and security patrol company that has earned itself a reputation for the highest quality among security guard companies. For businesses of all sizes, knowing ways to protect yourself, your building and your assets is crucial. This takes genuine awareness of planning and diligence to remain on task.

Remarkably, numerous businesses have daily operations that do not include security and security planning. On the other hand, many businesses that have a security and safety plan have not updated them in years. The workplace security and safety plans are typically obsolete and are not current with the shifting trends in criminal activity. Mistakenly, the notion is that because nothing has occurred, that nothing will occur.

This idea causes employees to be more worried about the replacement of the water cooler than workplace violence, CPR, evacuation plans or fire extinguisher operation and handling. This misapplication of workplace security and security practices doesn’t raise much concern until it costs millions of dollars in liability or perhaps death.

Creation and proper maintenance of effective workplace security and safety plans is necessary. No matter the size of a company, their workers must know that there are safety rules in place that will keep them safe in the event of danger and violence. Assertive efforts should be put forth to reveal the severity of security matters. Staff members should be notified and asked about their concerns.

Minimizing the Danger of Workplace Violence

Office workers everywhere experience acts of work environment violence; sometimes never giving them a second thought. Hostilities such as physical and verbal attacks, hazards, coercion and intimidation, all make up acts of workplace violence.

These easy steps should be taken to raise awareness and understanding.

1. Retain a reputable security service and consultation firm.
2. Request a full analysis of your present strengths and weaknesses.
3. Implement training and informational materials.
4. Contact your local Police/Fire department for additional safety tips.
5. Create and implement a new security strategies and best practices program.
6. Offer CPR and First Aid training for employees.
7. Require all security personnel to have up to date CPR and Emergency treatment training.

Keep in mind that security is an essential part of everyday operations and should not be disregarded simply because nothing is likely to occur.


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