Bike patrol and guard services in Georgia

Your business is important and it is important to us that we provide you with all the opportunities to keep that safe and secure. At PSI Security Service, we provide you various security options, including security bike patrol services, to best surround your company and employees with peace of mind in the greater Atlanta area. Our highly trained guards are able to monitor the areas in and around your company and building. There are multiple benefits to hiring PSI Security Service bike patrol officers, including cost effectiveness, quick emergency response. environmental advantages, and positive development in the community. Below are 5 benefits to providing you with company and public safety via security bike patrol services:

1) Bike patrol officers provide less abrasive atmosphere than traditional policeman

When any pedestrian encounters a police officer or other security authority, they have a preconceived negative connotion of what kind of people the officers are. Bike patrol officers are some of the least likely guards to have that kind of stigma follow them as they are looked upon as a kind of modernity and novelty. This appeals to a younger generation who is most likely to be a resource of eyes and ears to the officers during any kind of monitoring, suspicious activity, etc.

2) Bike patrol officers have more contact with the public than vehicle patrols

As bike patrol officers continue their rounds in monitoring their assigned areas, they are able to be in more direct and quick contact with the public as needed. Many times, during a significant emergency or surveillance, pedestrians are not as apt to speak with law enforcement for fear of getting more involved in an investigation or case. Bike patrol officers are able to be on the ground with those people and learn firsthand what they are experiencing as they patrol the area. This reinforces a positive connection and a model to example for the relationships between companies, communities, and law enforcement.


3) Offenders are less likely to take notice to bike patrol officers

Most offenders know to look out for law enforcement personnel when committing a crime, but bike patrol is not a widely used or known service in most areas. This kind of patrolling can be extremely beneficial to the community as it keeps the playing field between cops and criminals fair when it comes to being picked out of the crowd. Bike patrols go unnoticed until its too late for the criminal to hide criminal activity, thus providing more time to respond and prevent dangers within the area.

4) Bike patrol officers use all their sensory training to recognize suspicious activity

Bike patrol officers are able to ride around and monitor that area, encountering sounds, sights, and scents they would be unable to if they were in a vehicle patrol car. This allows ample time to observe and confront any suspicious activity nearby. This is extremely helpful in apprehending suspects that may be hiding in nearby areas during their attempted fleeing or escape.

5) Bike patrol officers are able to be more fluid in where they can navigate and monitor

As bicycles are more compact than traditional vehicles, bike patrol officers are able be more flexible in where they are able to observe and can avoid pitfalls during a pursuit. Some areas in the community may not allot cars on the property or have a limited access area for your vehicle as well as be under construction or have more than ample foot traffic that would dissuade a traditional patrol car from maneuvering.

These benefits for a bike patrol security service are just some of the main areas that it could be a huge asset to your business. PSI Security Service offers you a chance to take every measure in keeping your residential or professional business safe and secured. We offer our services 24/7 as well as fast emergency response times.

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