PSI Security Guard in Atlanta GA

We Provide Premium College Campus Security in Georgia

No matter if your college or university is large or small; public or private; or situated in a city, suburban or rural setting; your primary security goal is making students, faculty, personnel, visitors and parents feel welcome and safe. At the same time, you have a responsibility to keeping the school operating, mitigating foreseeable risk and preventing the damage that might strike your brand and, possibly, your enrollment, if you don’t.

PSI Security Service understands these concerns. Through our years of experience providing security services to institutions of higher education, we assess your immediate security needs and provide you with the most reliable and experienced professionals.

The Right Security Officers for Your School

Security officers are often the very first face of your organization’s brand name. It is imperative for security guards to have the skills and characters that fit their job duties. We have developed systems to assist us in matching the right candidates to openings for which they’re best matched. For colleges and universities in Georgia, we hire friendly, approachable people who take pleasure in dealing with the public and listen to detail so they can perform the jobs of their posts and patrols. That way, you can rest assured that our guards will represent your school positively each time they come across a member of the community.

Whether providing a visitor with instructions, aiding a teacher with a workplace lock-out, examining identification or patrolling a structure, PSI security officers are hands on, enthusiastic and professional. Close tracking and supervision by our responsive management system ensures that security officers are trained thoroughly and properly for each and every site that they work on.

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