Feb 12 2018

Every profound private security company provides their security guards with a unique written code of ethics that are designed to guide their performance and approach to their duties. Every security company has their own persona and culture that they instill in their code of ethics, however the standards and goals that were devised by the Task Force on Private Security is widely used as the basic format. Some of the professional conduct and ethics that are highlighted in the code of conduct are mentioned below:

Security Guards Creed

•  It is every security guards fundamental duty to protect lives
•  Duty to protect property
•  Maintain order within the proximity of the place of duty
•  Protect the interests of the employer
•  Have no prejudice while on duty
•  Honest in words and in actions

Ethical Standard

•  It is every security guards fundamental duty to serve the interests of their employers
•  It is every security guards fundamental duty to serve the interests of the customers of their employers
•  Every security guard should be honest in thoughts, deeds in his or personal or official actuation
•  Every security guard should obey the laws of the land the rules laid down by their employers
•  They should not disclose any confidential information
•  They should perform all of their duties with decorum and shall not personal prejudice interfere with their work
•  They should assist the government in its drive against lawlessness and crimes
•  They should carry all of their duties to the best of his or her abilities
•  They should wear their uniforms as a symbol of trust and confidence for the public
•  Their allegiance should be with the government and their respective agencies
•  They should diligently adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by their respective agencies
•  They should be courteous, professional and respectful while performing their duties
•  They should always report for duty in a uniform
•  They should religiously observe the rules that govern firearms

Code of Conduct

•  Every security guard should always carry their license , identification card, and authority to carry a firearm
•  Every security guard should never use their post, weapon or position for personal gains
•  Security guards should not engage in unnecessary conversation during their time of duty
•  Security guards should refrain from reading during their time of duty
•  Security guards should never drink before their time of duty or during
•  They should know the location of the alarm and sound it the moment something goes wrong
•  They should immediately inform the police if something goes wrong
•  Security guards should never indulge in illegal activities or stick against their agencies
•  They should familiarize themselves with the private security agency law
•  They should always strive to merit and gain the trust of their respective agencies

All of the aforementioned are the general ethics and professional conduct are religiously followed by security guards from renowned companies such as PSI security guards.

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