Jun 14 2017

With the Manchester terror attack fresh in everyone’s mind, hiring the best security guards has become a core prerequisite for hosting any event. The attack took place on 22 May 2017 at the exit of the Manchester arena, where an individual detonated a shrapnel laden homemade bomb. This horrifying event will never be forgotten and it has started a ripple effect of terror and fear all around the world as over 119 innocent people were hurt in this attack.

Those days are gone when adding security measures for an event was considered frivolous. Now due to the current state of our society, we have no choice. This is exactly why it is imperative that every event manager hires a superlative security service that has every tool at their disposal to provide optimum security, especially for stadium events. Stadiums are the most vulnerable due to the amount of entry points and because stadiums have the capacity of accommodating thousands of people.

To alleviate the complexity involved in hiring efficient security guards for stadium events, we have articulated a list of prerequisites that you should take into consideration. These prerequisites are mentioned below.


Contact a security company that specializes in stadium events

Stadiums are not only used for sporting events but also for concerts and other large gatherings, the security company you intend on hiring should specialize in stadium events. Taking this factor into consideration will help you in streamlining your search process and will ensure that the company you hire has the required knowledge regarding stadium security.


Ensure that the security company has prior experience in stadium events

The next prerequisite that you should take into consideration is the fact that the potential company should have a few stadium events under their belt. Experience is the best teacher and this speaks volumes in the security industry, as every event is unique in its own perspective.


Check the security service’s credentials and coverage plans

In order to provide security services legally in Atlanta GA, every company has to obtain a license. This license is only provided to those companies that have acquired the necessary qualifications and will ensure the proficiency of the company. Also make sure that each guard has a valid employee compensation insurance and general liability insurance, to safeguard your future interests.


Request for a work plan and perimeter analysis

Finally the last prerequisite you should take into consideration is the work plan provided by the company. This work plan should encompass the amount of guards provided, the equipment being used, how the company intends on securing the perimeter of the stadium and the different techniques they will instill in their service to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Fortune favors the prepared, so make sure you hire the best security service out there for any stadium event or game time!

Consider hiring a professional security service such as PSI Security Guard & Security Patrol Service who have cemented their position as one of the leading security services in the industry.


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